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Ordering an ISP Package

Starting your ISP with Myanma Net Co., Ltd. is the simplest and fastest approach available. We provide all of the consultation, engineering, and system documentation you will require to begin as soon as you wish to meet your business goals.

We have made the next step an easy task by creating fixed consultation fees based on the complexity of the system you require. Your Engineering Proposal is a meticulously prepared, laser-Color, bound document containing all of the engineering specifications for your system. This document contains network diagrams, photos and descriptions of each server and other equipment, bandwidth analyses, a time schedule, and a complete project price. Typically this document will go through one or more revisions before we reach the final stage where we are ready to finalize your order and set production and installation dates.

Once the engineering meets with your approval, you will submit the purchase order with a deposit to lock-in the terms and start production of your system.

Please note: The 2004 production schedule is nearly full. There is just space for one small (Neighborhood) system. Plan ahead to 2005, and please expect a delay of days or even weeks in receiving a response to sales enquiries.

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