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About Myanma NET ( Myanmar's NET  in Myanmar Language )
Developed in conjunction with Raytheon RF Components, Myanma NET wireless broadband products provide a seamless, reliable, and cost-effective solution for Service Provider and Enterprise customers seeking to deploy Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint wireless networks.

The Myanma NET product suite includes Frequency Hopping (802.11), Direct Sequence (802.11b), and OFDM (802.11a and 802.11g) outdoor wireless Base Station Equipment, Bridges, and Customer Premise Equipment in the 2.4ghz and 5ghz range, which is effortlessly managed by windows-based Network Management Software.

With proven, reliable products deployed in various extreme-weather conditions across the world, Myanma NET promises the security of carrier-class wireless equipment with a low total cost of ownership. Myanma NET responds to customer needs by offering full support to each customer- assisting in the wireless network design, deployment, and maintaining constant support after deployment.

About Raytheon RF Networking
Raytheon RF Networking is part of Raytheon RF Components in Raytheon Commercial Electronics. It is located in Andover, Massachusetts.
For more information, please contact Raytheon RF Networking via email: wlan@rrfc.raytheon.com. The Raytheon Company is headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts.

WiSP Platforms

The design you choose should be based on the number of subscribers you expect to have in the first two years. Remote access capacity (e.g., modems) can easily be added as needed, however the server design you choose should accommodate two years of growth.

Subscriber capacity is impossible to accurately define due to the many unique factors of an ISP. The demographics of your subscriber base could result in higher or lower bandwidth usage and, thus, affect the suitable subscriber capacity. In developing countries where even 20k throughput is rare, the number of subscribers could be significantly increased. Dial-up/Wireless figures are based on 35kbps nominal download and 28kbps nominal upload throughput. Wireless figures are based on 2Mbs nominal throughput. Bandwidth capacity estimates assume 84% http traffic and 40% proxy efficiency.

For Neighborhood                  Community/Metropolitan                      National Wide

Est. Subscriber Capacity
7,500 at 56k
or 2,100 at 256k
or 1,125 at 512k

Compact and affordable. Six servers, switches, backup, and spares, all in a 1.3 metre tall cabinet. New four-server Mini package fits on a desk.

Est. Subscriber Capacity
20,000 at 56k
or 5,600 at 256k
or 3,000 at 512k

The horsepower to handle the subscriber load of medium-sized ISPs. Available in single and dual CPU models.

Est. Subscriber Capacity
100,000 at 56k
or 28,000 at 256k
or 15,000 at 512k

Dual RISC processors, large memory, RAID. High performance, reasonably priced.

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