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  Itfs a good time to get into the Wi-Fi business. The market is taking off, as Wi-Fi (802.11b, 802.11a, and 802.11g) is fast becoming the dominant wireless broadband standard, unleashing a flood of low-priced hardware and the installation of millions of private networks and tens of thousands of public ghot spotsh worldwide.

  WiSP ( Wireless Internet Service Provider )  
Myanma WiSP is helping carriers and ISPs to get into Wi-Fi with its private-label Raytheon™ Platform Services, a turnkey Wi-Fi/ Out Door Wireless network service that packages the industryfs leading Wi-Fi/ Out Door Wireless client software, the largest aggregated hot spot network and back office services, all under a service providerfs brand.
  Who We Are?  
With Raytheon™ Platform Services, a service provider can be in the Wi-Fi/ Out door Wireless business in less than 90 days with very little risk. Myanma NET is the largest Wi-Fi/ Out Door Wireless network aggregator with more than 10 locations live in 4 countries. The company has spent Three years and over $10 million developing client software, back office systems and roaming technology that are now part of the Raytheon™ Platform Services.
  Our Projects
We are pleased to be part of the Internet's growth in South East Asia. Together with our business partners, we look forward to helping many Asian nations develop and modernize their communications infrastructure.
Los Angeles ( 06-2000 )
 Alaska ( 09-2001 )
Sacramento ( 02-2003 )
Phnom Penh , Cambodia ( On Going )
Bagan City, Myanmar  ( On Going )

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